Studio Le BIO-

After working in multiple salons in the Greater Cleveland area, Studio Le Beau founder, Ron Adkins felt he needed to break out on his own. Dial up the "Way-Back Machine" to October of 2004....

Rather than following the cash to the suburbs and catering to the dye-jobs and permanents of that outer circle, Ron wanted to invest his interests in the city. Staying true to his traditional barber training, coupled with the experience of working in some of Cleveland's top salons, and a designer's intuition for up and coming styles, Ron was able to whisk up these ingredients into an olio of freshness served up hot and spicy in the burgeoning neighborhood of Tremont.

He wanted to create a different vibe from what other salons were pumping out. His hand picked staff of stylists drank that kool-aid down...creating a new salon experience...stylish but not over the top in price or attitude.